Dementia Friendly

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Dementia Friendly Service at United Reformed Church, 3rd Thursday of every month

Dementia is now a single biggest killer, with many suffering for a long period of time. We aim for the town to be able to offer more support to those people and make shopping, socialising etc. much more inclusive and enjoyable.


Goals for Dementia Friendly Congleton.


Claire Halsey  suggested that we should look to set ourselves some goals to target and work towards.



  1. Aspiration for 100% of the general population to become Dementia Aware by:-

(a)  Friends awareness sessions –Currently we have a number of sessions organised, CTC 30th Nov, 6th & 7th Dec.

Museum Sat 2nd Dec 11.00am ans Sun 3rd Dec 2.30pm


(b)  Champions workshop, Jess to set one up for 1st Qtr 2018.

(c)   Publicity. D.Ritherdon to kick this off using The Chronicle, PCSO to support through social media.

(d)  Video online – can give a first taste of Dementia Friends and may be a good way for larger companies to get the message across to their staff.


  1. Events / Activities x 4 regular per month.


Members to come to the December meeting with ideas/ proposals of activities they can do on a regular basis(Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly)


Irregular Activity. Cotton Club, Kings Arms have shown some interest.


Leisure Centre- Mixed changing. MS to discuss with Maria Tatters at Congleton Leisure Centre

(Maria is looking at options for us, also discussed inclusive  cycling)

Jess to put together a consultation document, will send MS a copy for circulation around our community centres.




Lisa Alcock – looking at a Tea Dance option.