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Congleton Food4Free logoCongleton Food4Free is an independent group within the Congleton Sustainability Group, and thus the Congleton Partnership. Our group aims to encourage, inspire and educate residents to think about how food can be grown communally and attractively, and how they could also grow more of their own food in their own plots. Since bumble bees, honey bees and other pollinators are vital for food production, we also aim to encourage the growing of plants for these essential but threatened pollinators.

The group was formed in July 2012, having evolved from the Blueberry Project where blueberry bushes had been planted in public spaces in the town centre so that passers-by could pick the fruit. Why blueberries? Because Congleton is Beartown, and bears love berries!

To read more about Congleton Food4Free history, see our page on Congleton’s Future? website.


Congleton Food4Free projects around Congleton

Congleton Food4Free

In conjunction with Congleton in Bloom, the group has planted pots of edibles for passers-by to pick.  In 2011 we planted herbs; in 2012 we added blueberry plants. We also planted other edibles (strawberries, chives and Chinese raspberries) among existing plants near the ex-council offices and library. In 2013 we began the transformation of an unloved litter-strewn shrubbery between the library and bus station into an area full of edibles and bee plants, to demonstrate that permanent plantings can be both ornamental and functional.


If you are interested in joining us to either learn or demonstrate how easy it is to grow fresh food and encourage bees,  or even just to identify weeds to help you care for your own garden, then do come along for an hour or so, or throughout the year.  If you are a local business interested in supporting us by making space to grow edibles and bee plants, then please do also get in touch. See what’s happening on Facebook>, and contact us there or via our webpage.


Buy Locally!

We LOVE local food; it’s tastier, fresher and happier.

We love knowing where our food comes from and who produces it.  And we love knowing that by going local we are taking steps towards a locally resilient and future-proof Congleton – supporting our local businesses and residents and reducing our carbon footprint.

For more details of where to shop locally, and what you can buy, visit the local shopping page on Congleton’s Future? Website, and look at the sections on local shopping, local deliveries and locally sourced food. These include local eggs, meat, honey, cereals and flour, milk and alcoholic beverages.

If you can supply such items, please contact Congleton’s Future?

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