The Hummingbirds sing-a-long…

The humming bird singing sessions CongletonFREE FIRST SESSION 11th Sept at 7:30pm


11th Sept at 7:30pm

Hummingbird Coaching is starting up an informal, fun, mid-week singing group at St John’s Church Buglawton to take place every two weeks on a Tuesday evening, from 7:30-8:30pm. It’s not like a conventional choir – the aim is to simply come together with others, sing for fun and health, and to sing your favourite songs.

Our first get together would be free, from 7:30 to 8:15pm on Tuesday 11th September, to get to know each other, chat about song ideas and to see if people want to sing in parts like a choir does, for example.

If you would like to come along then please contact

KVC & Hummingbird Coaching, on 07540 283796

I hope to see you!

For the joy of singing and the health benefits it brings

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you – let it be unleashed

Tracey Taylor
Hummingbird Coaching.

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‘Under The Bed Sale’ on Friday 15th January Congleton

The Electric Picture House would like to invite you to the preview of the Under The Bed Sale on Friday 15th January from 7pm.

Please take this opportunity to come and look at our artwork which will be at reduced prices.

Artwork which we have been keeping under the bed, in the wardrobe etc.

The exhibition runs until Saturday 6th February.

Many Thanks


The Electric PictureHouse, Cross Street, Congleton, Cheshire CW12 1HQ.

Tel. 01260 270908



The Electric Picture House thanks Congleton Partnership

Electric Picture House Congleton

The Electric Picture House in conjunction with Congleton Community Projects would like to thank the Congleton Partnership for its generous support of £500 to make the event Hidden Places, a day of promenade theatre, a great success.

Without your support the event would not have attracted such a large audience so once again many thanks.


Petra Lea                                                                                       Jo Money

The Electric Picture House Cooperative Ltd                          Congleton Community Projects

The Electric Picture House                                                        The Electric Picture House

Cross Street                                                                                 Cross Street

Congleton                                                                                    Congleton

CW12 1HQ                                                                                   CW12 1HQ


The Electric Picture House would like to thank the Congleton Partnership for its generous support of £400, which ensured that the Space workshops could take place.

Once again the Congleton Partnership has enabled through their generous funding the successful completion of community workshops which will enhance Congleton’s bid for In Bloom.

Junk Fun at The Electric Picture House

News from EPH and Congleton In Bloom.

The Electric Picture House and Congleton In Bloom ran a series of free workshops for children, during half term (27-30 May 2015), based on the theme Space. These workshops were generously sponsored by Congleton Partnership and Congleton Young people’s Trust.

Evie and Lily(4, 7, Saint Mary’s School) Congleton in bloom

Evie and Lily (4, 7, Saint Mary’s)

The aim was to get children attending the workshops to design and create the scenery for the Space and the Planets Exhibition, including images of the solar eclipse, banners and signs, robots from recycled materials.  Many children had the opportunity to get creative, making junk robots, banners and planets which will decorate the exhibition in the polytunnel near Congleton Park during the summer.

Petra Lea, the artist from the EPH who ran the workshops said, “It was fantastic to see the children being creative and using their imaginations to create visually stunning decorations. This included children from as far afield as Handforth and Middlewich”.

Space and the Planets exhibition

Eleven gardens will be created in the polytunnel by local schools, pre-schools, guiding and scouting groups and youth groups each with a planet theme to help enhance Congleton’s bid for gold in the North West In Bloom competition, judged on 20 July by the NWIB regional judges.

Patti Pinto, who is organising the exhibition for Congleton In Bloom said,

“We would like to thank Congleton Partnership and the Young People’s Trust for their support and Petra for running the workshops.  We now have lots of hand crafted items to use to decorate the polytunnel.  These artefacts will compliment the gardens and enhance the atmosphere in the tunnel for our visitors.  The work put in by the children was amazing.  Red paint and glue seemed especially popular for robot making.”

Izzy (10, Marlfields School) Congleton in Bloom

Izzy (10, Marlfields)

For further information on workshops etc. please contact The Electric Picture House, Cross Street, Congleton, CW12 1HQ, tel. 01260 270908, email:

Info on Space & Planets exhibition contact Patti Pinto, 07757 611973