Congleton Partnership AGM

The Congleton Partnership’s annual meeting took place recently, please download the full meeting minutes HERE.

Overview 2015/16.


Steve gave a brief overview of projects that had taken place / were still active across all of the subgroups. This was not an exhaustive list but a sample/range of the activities The Partnership is involved in.


Neighbourhood Plan

Get Involved Directory

Back to Back Gardens

Art Workshops

Apple Juice / Cider

Established Senior Forum/ Senior Health Fayrer

Eco Schools (13 green flags)

Hydro Scheme (Havannah)

SLIC courses

Cenotaph Restoration

St Johns’ Community Ctr

Cycleway Signage/Play Area Signage

Congleton Learning Centre

Commenting Team / Planning / Developers

MMW Memorial Projects

Heritage Trail Scoping Exercise

Moody St Green Area

Town Centre Destination Signage


He highlighted 4 major projects:-

Antrobus St Gardens. (Soon to be Margaret’s Place) A joint partnership project between The Partnership, Cheshire East, Readesmoor Practice and Congleton Town Council. This has undergone a major transformation with improved public access, pieces of artwork and fitness equipment and both hard and soft landscaping. The Gardens were officially open Oct 2016 and drew high praise form the In Bloom judges this summer. They are in the process of being renamed as Margaret’s Place as a tribute to our past Chair and founder Margaret Williamson.


Mountbatten Way – Greening (phase 1). As part of our In Bloom effort and improving the approach to the town along Mountbatten Way , 5 Trees(Rowan Gold) /Tubs were sited as a pilot project, with a view to something similar being carried out on the stretch from the traffic lights through to Park Lane (phase 2)


River Dane Walkway. This is the final piece of the jigsaw that then completes the whole length of the River Dane from Dane St through to Eaton Bank Industrial Estate. The section from the Town Bridge has had tree work, refurbished / repainted railings and a handrail sited down the steps. Completed late 2105.



Community Orchard – Astbury Mere/ Mereside Ave. Working with CEBC Rangers Service / In Bloom Team the Orchard has be refurbished with a new Apple Core Carving, new steps, extra planting and new directional signage. Again drew great praise from the In Bloom judges.



Closed the AGM by reminding everyone that bringing in new volunteers remains a key challenge.

He talked about the new Partnership dedicated website and the need for all subgroups to play their part in updating information on a regular basis to help improve public awareness of The Partnership.


Succession planning was highlighted, in particularly in Steve’s case as he felt that whilst he would still be involved with The Partnership in some form another, he had served his time as Chair (5 years) and would be working on recruiting a new Chair for 2017/18.


Steve remarked on the importance of continuing to deliver projects and support of community activities that benefit Congleton

Contact the Partnership is you are interested in becoming involved!

Youth Forum meeting minutes

The Youth forum met recently, download the full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights include:

Sara Rathbone – Dementia Action Alliance.

Initially set up by Alzheimer’s Society, Sara covers the whole of Cheshire East, working with many organisations to make CE more dementia friendly. She sees Youth engagement quite key to this work. They are aiming to achieve 4 million “Dementia Friends” nationally. Sara would like to deliver sessions to both of our secondary schools. Anyone 18 years and over can become a dementia champion, if you have anyone within your organisations who would be interested please let Sara know.

GW indicated that Bromley farm are interested in doing a memories project.


Mental Health / Substance Misuse.


GW to follow up the outcome fo Kooth’s visit to use in June.


After that session we set ourselves 3 project proposals:-

To raise awareness and reduce stigma of mental health

Highlight the negative effects of substance misuse and legal highs

Provide young people with details of a range of support available in relation to these issues.


It was felt that the Youth Forum should put in a bid to deliver some of these solutions.

Ideas discussed:- Play with a workshop afterwards, costs for this are quite high (£1 to £1.5K)


Approach both High Schools to see what they have currently planned, and what we can get onto their syllabus.


Look to see if any of the youth groups/ NLC/Bromley Farm/Visyon to see if there is anything they can do.


Youth Committee meeting 10th October, both High Schools invited, will add this subject to the agenda.


Charlie to talk to other charities (based on Bradford Schools idea) as to how they tackled the subject.


Lisa to look at more support for parents.


Glen to look at how we get closer working between EBA/CHS


Small subgroup to be put together to look at a funding bid of around £10k to put on a play and various other activities. GW will chair please let MS know if you want to be involved. Glen happy to write the bid.


Next Meeting TBC.