Dementia Friendly Congleton Group Meeting Minutes 17.04.18

Dementia Friendly Congleton Group Meeting took place recently, download the full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights include:


Dementia Friends Awareness Sessions.


DF Target 250, achieved to date 181.

A number of sessions lined up. Eaton Bank Academy, Innovation Hairdressers, Congleton Labour Group plus various sessions during Dementia Action Week.

SM and PM attended a Dementia Friends Champions networking event on 16th April. A good event which updated on new resources available including sign language.

SJ to get hold of a pack to share with us. MS circulate.

SJ advised that the Cheshire East Carers Hub launched on 1st April, she will send information to MS for circulation. No change to our local personnel.

Businesses / Shops/ Community Centres etc.

Need to look at a way of following up with businesses that has had some representation a recent DF awareness sessions and discuss what they can do to start to improve their environment for people living with dementia.

Need a physical visit to these stores, may be something to be carried out during DA week.

S.Jacklin to discuss with P.Houldsworth (St John’s Community centre) MS to talk to Alison Parr at Ruby’s Fund to see if they would be interested in holding a session.

SM to look at increasing the use of social media, look at getting on Congleton Chats back.


Mountview. Consultation going on until end of June. Interviewing people individually. 2 more sessions being held in Macclesfield and Crewe.

Congleton Town Council are having discussions with CEBC about the situation.

Olympia Event 8th/9th June. Susan and Peter attending.

Thanks for the Memory Event 13th May. Poster to be circulated.

Relax Theatre at The New Vic 23rd July 2.15pm.

DEMCOM –focus group. All welcome to meeting at Belong Village Crewe. Confirm to Jess McFall if interested.

Pop Up banners. We have a supply, let MS know if you need one, example of one to be circulated.


Dates for the diary.

Carers Week 11th to 17th June

Cupcake day 14th June

Alzheimer’s Day 21st September

Magical Inclusion Week 24th to 30th Sept.

Meeting Finished at:4.00pm


Next Meeting:-  Tuesday 15th May, Congleton Town Hall  2 to 4pm.






Dementia Friendly Congleton Group

Dementia Friendly Congleton Group meeting took place recently, download full meeting minutes HERE.

Dementia Friends Awareness Sessions.
DF Target for 2018 is (250)
MS to issue a log recording numbers and businesses / organisations involved.
Sessions currently planned :-

Wed 7th March – Meadowside Medical Centre (DR)
Tues 20 Mar – New Life Church (WI) inc Twiddle Muff knitting. (Sarah.J).
Mon 26th Feb – Mossley (TBC)

If you know of anyone interested in attending these please contact the champions running the sessions as indicated.
MS send out updated registration sheet inc agreement for Photo/Publicity.

SF/MG to contact The Tennis Club.
D.McGifford (outside of the meeting) to contact N.Moorhouse (Dane Mill Business Ctr / Congleton Town Football Club)
Care Homes – wait until after the budget meeting at Cheshire East. Care Homes can approach The Alzheimer’s Soc for professional guidance.
Add to The Youth Forum agenda, Diane happy to come along and set the scene for 10minutes.
Kathy Slater was going to contact Team Parish?

Drop In Sessions / Activity Programme.
An updated programme issued prior to the meeting. We are only capturing a small amount of what is happening in and around Congleton.
MS write out for more information about activities being offered to all of the community centres, look at the possibility of a monthly or bi-monthly leaflet being produced. J.Mac to look at this
Broaden activity away from Dementia although brand subtlety when required.
PA to log what is going on at the OSM afternoon tea events and let MS have the figures.
Ideas for activities:- Big Card Bingo, Memory Photos ( museum could lend us a pack), Blowing Big Bubbles, Music and Sing a long Songs (Jess will send PA some examples)
Jess to contact Rev Murray George re the new service being set up at United Reform Church from March.
Sarah Jacklin to contact Julie Hagan (East Cheshire Hospice) re a wellbeing course for carers and patients. Possible invite Julie to the March DFC Meeting.
Talking Newspaper. Contact Lynn 01270 760104
Choral Soc/ Can’t Sind Choir – M.Butcher may know a contact?
Inclusive Swim Sessions. First one disappointing turnout, however the staff were great. Need to get the message out about these sessions, next 3 are Sat 17th Feb, 3rd March and 21st April. Please display posters and talk to as many people as possible about this opportunity.
JMac to look at leaflet idea.
Jess send Peter some sing a long examples.
Jess contact Rev Murray George.
Sarah to contact Julie Hagan.
M.Butcher, can’t sing choir contact?
Mountview / Respite Care.
Clare was approach by The Chronicle for comments around the possible closure of Mountview, this was duly printed and has resulted in quite a lot of feedback and cries for help.


Next Meeting:- Tuesday 13th March
Future Meeting Monthly until end of March then look to move to 2 monthly.
2.00pm, Old Saw Mill.

Dementia Friendly Congleton Group meeting minutes 16.01.18

The Dementia Friendly Congleton Group meeting took place recently, full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights include:

Item 4. Dementia Statistics for Congleton. Figs received from Cheshire East were estimates from 2014 giving the number at 5042 (whole of Cheshire East) raising to 6710 by 2020. Clare Sheard debated these figs trying to get them down to a more local level. We ended up with 950e (Congleton Local Area) and 450e

(Congleton as a town).

Item 5. Diane has contacted Ann-Marie Snelson re getting a list of local Champions. Work in progress. Jess to set up champion workshop. We need to fill in the document MS circulated to build up a “need” for a local workshop.

Item 5. S.Foster to write to CEBC leader regarding the closure/future.    Steve wrote prior to xmas to both the leader and ward members as yet has not received a reply.  Sent a copy to Guy Kilminster (16.1.17) who has recorded receipt and will take it to R.Bailey (CEBC Leader). Clare has an example of a local council supporting a group to take over an ex NHS centre.


Drop In Sessions / activity Programme.

Full programme issued last week.  Still, have free days to fill ( Mon / Tues)

Old Saw Mill (OSM) Afternoon Tea and Activities (every other Wed starting 7th Feb) 2pm to 4pm.

MS put together a poster and issue to all for displaying wherever we can generate interest for this event.

Would members please contact organisations / individuals who may be able to provide some activities for these sessions. We are okay until and including 21Mar but will need activity from 4th April (fortnightly) onwards.

Please let MS know if you have arranged anything so that it can go on the calendar.

Kathy Slater to discuss with The Chappell Centre Mossley regarding some Mon /Tues activity.

Inclusive Swim Sessions. First one disappointing turnout, however the staff were great. Need to get the message out about these sessions, next 3 are Sat 17th Feb, 3rd March and 21st April.

Next Meeting:-  Tuesday 13th Feb



Future Meeting Monthly until end of March then look to move to 2 monthly.

Next two meetings are:-  Tuesday 13th Feb and  Tuesday 13th March.

 2.00pm, Old Saw Mill.